I help conscious women transform their lives through cyclical living, intentional microdosing & womb reconnection.

Leslie Draffin is a microdosing & menstrual cycle coach whose mission is to empower women to transform their lives & come home to their bodies.

“Leslie has been amazing in every facet of this coaching experience, supporting me through my PCOS journey and teaching me HOW to be a menstruator. To all women who want to regain their power, Leslie will empower you.”

– Ashley, 9-month one-on-one client

Calling all burnt-out & frustrated women who KNOW something’s missing & want to RECONNECT with their bodies!

Is this you?

  • feeling like you’re walking around in a fog?
  • snapping at the ones you love most?
  • lacking motivation and feeling anxious because work & family projects aren’t getting done?
  • disconnected from your body’s natural rhythms?
  • constantly killing it at the gym and dieting but seeing no results?
  • experiencing mood swings throughout the day & no idea how to live in peace?
  • having intense period pain every month?
  • seeing your face break out & your body become bloated every cycle?
  • missing your period for months with no idea how to get it back?
  • desiring to bring more pleasure into your life but with no clue how to start?

It’s time to honor your body’s divinely cyclical nature & become the empowered, embodied woman you were always meant to be!

“Working with Leslie was the greatest thing I could have done for my knowledge with my cycle. Through working with her, I’ve been able to shift things in my life to better support my body and cycle, and overall am feeling more connected to my body. My periods have been lighter and less painful since implenting what Leslie has taught me.”

– Melissa, One-on-One Client

I promise to create a safe space through my own openness & vulnerability where you can share, feel seen & be heard. I promise to show up as the real me, in full authenticity. I promise to offer a no bull-sh*t approach to embodiment. I promise to provide tools to help you build a relationship with your cycle & body & offer clarity to help you fully connect with the life you truly desire.

“Leslie did a truly wonderful job explaining the different ways of moving, eating and listening to your body and how this could really help with changing and making a difference in your cycle! LISTENING to your body is more important than always hitting goals.”

– Kelsey, Wild Feminine Rising Group Coaching Client

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