My Story

My Story:

I have been where you are right now! Disconnected, confused, in pain and yet knowing there’s something “more” out there for me.

I was on the pill for 16 years and when I quit, a whole host of issues popped up: acne, lost libido, mood swings, hair loss & PCOS. But along with the physical symptoms came all my old stories & beliefs around my cycle: I felt embarassed about bleeding, out of sync with my life & ashamed of my body.

Through hundreds of hours of research and study & thousands of dollars spent on every course, book, doctor, and specialist out there, I finally found a way to come home to my body. For me, that looked like conscious psilocybin use and cyclical living. Developing a relationship with magic mushrooms allowed me to open up to my own healing, reconnect with my womb and feel lit up by life once again.

Now, I help conscious women and menstruators just like you transform their lives & step into their power – often for the first time in their whole lives! Let me help you feel more tuned in, turned on & lit up by life!

My Background:

Leslie Draffin is a certified microdosing guide, menstrual cycle coach and podcast host living in Texas with her husband and dog, Gunner. Leslie is passionate about eradicating taboos around women’s bodies, cycles, sex and psychedelics.

She helps other women like herself through intentional plant medicine use as well as other holistic, esoteric, metaphysical and somatic healing modalities. In her free time, Leslie enjoys reading, collecting crystals and exploring this magical world around us.

You can listen to her podcast, The Light Within, on your favorite podcast app. Connect with her on Instagram @LeslieDraffin.

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