In addition to one-on-one coaching, Leslie also offers courses to help you learn about your cycle on your own time.

Cycle Codes:
Your Guide to Cyclical Awareness

A self-paced course for women & menstruators who:

  • want to learn about their cycle
  • have period problems they want to heal
  • desire to live cyclically
  • want to experience the benefits of aligning their life with their cycle
  • are self-starters who want to jump into their learning journey on their own

“I started my one-on-one coaching with Leslie at the beginning of the year to learn more about my cycle and after 10 years of being on birth control, regain femininity in my body and spirit. Leslie has been amazing in every facet of this coaching experience, supporting me through my PCOS journey and teaching me HOW to be a menstruator. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about teaching women and I could feel it in every interaction we have had. To all women who want to regain their power, Leslie will empower you. I’m immensely grateful for her guidance and support throughout this process.”

— Ashley, 6-Month One-on-One client

“I have loved working with Leslie these past weeks. I liked how fun and easy she made it for me to understand the stuff about my body and how to make things better when I’m on my period. At first, I absolutely hated my period, but after working with Leslie, she has taught me to love my period and that I can talk to people comfortably about it. Working with Leslie has been amazing and I have loved having the opportunity to work with her.”

— Willow, 12-year-old one-on-one client

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